Saturday, July 25, 2015

Under Armour Heat Gear Shirt

Not me.
In the midst of the summer heat and humidity, I have found tranquility. An inner peace. I no longer surrender to the high dew points, hot temperatures, and blazing sun. I just run. No worries. What's my secret? Good question. I now own two Under Armour Heat Gear compression shirts (long sleeve). Kinda odd to wear long sleeves to beat the heat, but these things work! Really well. I hate compression apparel, but these tight shirts simply do the job. Long sleeves and all. They keep me cooler and moving longer than any other shirt I've ever worn. That's major praise from this old trail runner. Whatever technology they employ, it works. Grabs the sweat and helps it evaporate. Even when humid, they work better than other running shirts. When you get a little drier air, and a breeze, these shirts feel like a refridgerator on your skin. I'm still not comfortable wearing a tight compression shirt. With my tall and skinny body, I resemble a crane or spider...but I'll do what I need to stay cool. Extra bonus...they keep the sun off your skin as well as sun block. Only drawback, besides the tight-to-skin fit, is that they are hard to put on and take off--especially when already sweaty. I look like a deranged clown trying to escape from a straight-jacket. Still, these Heat Gear shirts are my preferred summer wear. Better than loose short sleeved shirts. Better than bare skin. Give one a try and you may regularly be cruising around in tight muscle shirts just like me.

This shirt may be my ticket to winning the Howl at the Moon ultra in 2 weeks. Did I say "win"...I meant "not die" at that 8-hour race. I will survive Howl at the Moon! Only 14 days to ultra/marathon #100.

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