Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's Just Running. No Pressure.

It's just running. So just run. No pressure.

Not sure why I posted a training schedule for my upcoming Barkley Fall Classic 50K. I never successfully follow a schedule. I sign up for race, think I should "perform well" (whatever that means), then plan a training schedule, post it, follow the plan for about 2 weeks, then start skipping specific workouts and weekly mileage goals. I become frustrated. Why? Just because I failed to stick with an arbitrary training plan? Why feel bad about that? Yet, I typically feel guilty for not following the plan and being a failure. No more. An old buffalo running buddy, Wee-Haur, used to say "It's just running." Yep. So why put pressure on myself to perform in a pre-determined manner? It truly is "just running." So just run. No pressure. Fast or slow. Short or long. Roads or trails. Just run.

This revelation came to me during my long run yesterday while listening to the following Queen (with David Bowie) song:

"Let me out! Insanity laughs, under pressure we're breaking. Can't we give ourselves one more chance."

Time to give running another chance. Without pressure.

Freddie Mercury sure was amazing.

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