Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Barkley Fall Classic (now harder)

I guess last year's Barkley Fall Classic was not hard enough. Too many people finished. So, this year they have changed the course and made it even harder.  I was in trouble with the "old" ridiculously hard course. Now, I'm double screwed. Note from Laz, the race director:
major change to the barkley fall classic!!!!
we have been concerned about the BFC'ers this year.
with the addition of deja view hill,
which will have the BFC'ers seeing double,
and the gruesome nightmare of gunnysack hill,
the *BARKLEY* fall classic is going to be worthy of the name...
there are going to be a lot of people who cannot make the 50k.
a whole lot.
and, so it comes to be,
that you will get a choice this year at the 22.5 mile mark.
(assuming you get there in 9.5 hours, or less)
you will have the option to take it home and finish the Barkley Marathon;
the BFC version of a fun run.
If you feel you have not suffered enough,
you can still have a go at the 50k.
Now, the Barkley Marathon will have the same 13:20 time limit as the 50k.
this means that those who miss the 9.5 hour cutoff to continue trying for the 50k can still try to finish *something*
the finishers of the 50k will be chasing after the big prize;
the croix de barque.
i will be surprised if more than 10% of the starters
can bring home the croix de barque.
if you get one of those babies,
it will mark you as a MAN among men
(we will be surprised if any women win one)
but, there will also be a medal for completing the marathon.
and you can mark my words.
if you get one, you will wear it with pride.
because in less than three weeks....
the BFC is going to break you down like a shotgun.

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