Thursday, September 17, 2015

Barkley Fall Classic Race Reports (from last year)

I'm doing the Barkley Fall Classic trail ultra this Saturday in Tennessee. Just a simple 50km trail race. No big deal. I've done tons of ultras. This can't be that different. Can it?

It's the second year of the event. According to race reports from last year, it was pretty darn tough. Hills. Briars. Heat. More hills. Navigation issues. Rocks. Roots. Even more hills. The race directors have pledged this year will be even harder.  Nice of them. In case you were wondering what this race is all about, here are a few reports from last year...

Where the Trail Barks

The Barkley Fall Classic

2014 Barkley Fall Classic 50K+

Barkley Fall Classic

Race Report: Barkley Fall Classic 50K+

Barkley Fall Classic 2014

Barkley Fall Classic: Another Metaphor for Life

Barkley Fall Classic 2014

So what do these race reports have in common?  For one, they don't have very original titles. Second, the race is longer than 50km. Much longer (probably 36+ miles). The real commonality among every report...this is one hard race! Wish me well. If I survive and write a race report, I promise to have a cool title. This will be ultra/marathon #101.

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