Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Best Running PRs

As we approach the end of another year, it's almost time to think ahead to 2016 and set some goals. Maybe even target a personal record or two. First, I'd like to review my past and decide which of my running personal records (PRs) are my proudest and best. And weakest too. I've run a ton of races from 5K to 100+ miles. Let's see what race comparison charts have to say about my PRs...then what I have to say about them!

5K (3.1M) = 19:20
10K (6.2M) = 41:18
Half-Marathon (13.1M) = 1:32:35
Marathon (26.2M) = 3:33

50K (31M) = 5:30
50M = 9:04
100K (62M) = 13:24
100M = 23:56
7-Day = 303 miles

According to several race comparison charts, my 19:20 5K time is the strongest of the road PRs. That time would predict faster finishes at the longer races than I actually have to date. Considering I see myself as an accomplished ultrarunner, it's a little weird to have my "best" PR at a short race distance. Oh well. Maybe I'm really a sprinter. Should I try more short races? 400m, 800m, 1-mile, or 5Ks?

Of the road PRs, my weakest is the marathon. With that 5K time, I should have run around 3:06-3:08 for a marathon. Hmmm....again, a little weird that my weakest road PR is the longest distance. Starting to feel a bit inadequate as an ultra guy. Shouldn't I get better as the distances get longer? Well, I hope to rectify this situation. No, I'm not about to run a 3:08 marathon, but I do plan to get a new marathon PR in 2016. Shooting for a sub 3:25. As a 50-year old, I'll be happy with that new PR. Also trying to lower my half-marathon to 1:30 or better next year.

So, what about those trail PRs? Comparison charts don't work well with trail ultras. Too many unknowns. Terrain, weather, trail conditions, etc. Based on experience and colleagues' races at these distances, I can say that my 100K time is the weakest and the 100 miler is the strongest. Well, that 7-day total of 303 miles is pretty darn good too! Any time you can break 24 hours in a 100 miler on trails, you've achieved something special. And knocking out mile after mile for 7 days in a row during a trail stage race is equally impressive (especially in the heat and humidity of an Illinois summer). My proudest PRs are definitely the 100 miler 23:56 and the 7-day result of 303 miles. I'm a trail guy. And an ultra guy.

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