Sunday, December 6, 2015

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

I was in Indianapolis yesterday and wandered into the local REI. Didn't have anything in mind to buy, but I like browsing their clearance section (and regular sales). Often there are good deals on running-related gear. I can always use another pair of shorts, or socks, shirt, maybe even...a new jacket! Found a good-looking Patagonia Houdini hooded jacket on clearance for $68. Regularly over $100. It only weighs 4oz. That's with a built-in hood. Extremely lightweight, breathable, wind and water resistant...and it packs into its own pocket the size my fist. Nice slim fit too. Sweet. I checked online review sites and saw it got great ratings. I pulled the trigger and bought the jacket in dark red (pictured at left).

Used the new Houdini jacket this morning on a trail run when the weather was cool (27F degrees) with a slight breeze. It worked fine with a long-sleeve shirt underneath. Light gloves and hat completed the ensemble. I pulled the hood up when facing the wind, pulled it down when free of the wind. Worked like a charm. No hot/humid sauna feeling. Nice and airy. This could be my new go-to running jacket. Sleeves are the perfect length (tough for this tall and lanky runner) and it has a slightly longer back to fully cover my waist. Any downside? There is only a chest pocket, no hand pockets. Considering the extreme lightness, I can live with that minor drawback.

Not sure I'd buy this jacket for full price (lists at $125, usually found at $99), but at under $70, it's a great value. Still on sale at REI (local stores and online).

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