Thursday, October 27, 2016

From 5K to 50 Miler? How does that work?

I ran a 5K road race on October 15. Well, it was actually on sidewalks around campus...definitely not trails. Now I have a 50 mile trail race on November 12. The time between races is only 4 weeks. How do you train for a 5K and a 50 mile race? You don't. You pray and hope for the best.

I completed a 22 mile long run this past weekend. It went well. This weekend (with 2 weeks to race day), I'll try for a medium run of about 12-15 miles. That will have to suffice. I'm guessing there won't be a new personal record at Tunnel Hill 50M, but I'll finish. I think. No stress, no anxiety. Just run. Simple. I'm an ultrarunner at heart so the 50 miler should be "easier" than the 5K. Not really, but that's what I'm telling myself.

Not much more to say. I'll incorporate a run-walk strategy from start to finish. I'll chew RunGum, take in GU energy gels, and graze at every aid station. My water bottle will be filled with Tailwind sports drink. I'll try to stay with my friend Gregg as he cruises the course (hopefully at an easy pace). Finish time? Who knows! Two years ago I finished in 9:04. I was hoping to break that time this year. Nope. But under 10 hours would be reasonable. Wish me luck.

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