Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Running Summary

Last year (2015) was one of my worst years for running. This year (2016) was just as bad, maybe worse. I didn't accomplish any racing goals (more on that when I set goals for 2017). I was injured once with a twisted ankle and sick twice with a nasty cold. My overall miles were low. Not very many long runs. No personal records at any distance. My longest running streak was 26 days. Longest non-running streak was 9 days. One positive compared to 2015? My longest run was 36 miles instead of 30 miles! It was supposed to be a full 50 miles, not a DNF at 36 miles, but who's counting? For 2017, I'm going for process goals rather than outcomes. If I get in a good number of miles with no injuries, the outcomes should follow.

Here's a summary of my 2016 running statistics:

Count:235 Runs
Distance:1,269.25 mi
Max Distance:36.56 mi
Avg Distance:5.40 mi
Time:205:06:48 h:m:s
Avg Speed:6.2 mph (9:41)
Avg HR:131 bpm
Calories:157,926 C
Elevation Gain:52,997 ft

Not terrible. Not great either. I can do better in 2017.

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