Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Goals for 2017 Illinois Half-Marathon

Illinois Half-Marathon Course
When I signed up for the Illinois Half-Marathon (a long time ago), my original goal was to set a new personal record (currently 1:32:35). I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen. Training has gone well, but I'm simply getting older and slower (or at least, "not faster"). I still have some speed in these old ultra legs, but 1:32 seems out of touch. Here are revised goals for this Saturday's race...

1:32:34 = New PR. 7:04 pace. Not going to happen.

1:33 = Dream goal. 7:06 pace.
1:34 = Maybe. If all goes perfectly. 7:10 pace.
1:35 = Realistic stretch goal. 7:15 pace.
1:36 = Fast, but feasible. 7:19 pace.
1:37 = Definitely doable. 7:24 pace.
1:38 = OK, but not happy. 7:29 pace.
1:39 or slower = Major disappointment. My running buddies Riddle and Rose could run this fast/slow. Unacceptable!

Weather forecast is for a low of 44F with a high of 52F. Very nice. With a chance of wind and rain. Not nice. If weather holds up (no rain and little wind), I believe I can run a 1:35 half-marathon this weekend. I'd be happy with that finish time.

Next year, 1:32:30!  Did I just say "next year?"

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