Saturday, May 13, 2017

Buffalo Trace Race Hits 15

Buffalo Trace Race Map
My little trail race is a year older. The Buffalo Trace Trail Race turned 15 today. It's a great 5-mile trail race at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve in central Illinois. It's run through the "Buffalo Trace" prairie where buffalo used to roam. The course is a nice combination of rolling hills, small forest, meadows, and open prairie. And it's home to the buffalo trail runner group. I started the event back in 2003 and Second Wind Running Club has been it's home for the full history of the race. There have been different trace directors since I turned over the reigns and each has lent their personality to the event. The changes keep the race fresh. Sometimes I wish I were still the director, but mostly I'm just happy to hang out in the background. I always volunteer. The weather today was a little warm for the runners, but still pretty nice--sunny, 60F, and no wind. The bright sun warmed you up very quickly. Even with the warmer temps, a course record was set (26:58, first runner to break 27 minutes on this rolling dirt/grass trail course).

Congratulations to Andrea and the whole Second Wind Running Club crew. They did another fantastic job with this event. Don't forget that I have my eye on you--take care of my baby! I'll see you next year. One day in the near future, I'll actually run this sucker. You should implement a "former race director" race category. Even better, "former race founder" category!

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