Saturday, June 3, 2017

Finding My Ultra

I just re-read Rich Roll's book Finding Ultra. The book is a great read and a very motivating story. It certainly motivated me to set some auspicious goals. Doable, but dream-like. In August, at the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra, I'd like to reach 48 miles. That would be a personal record. In November, I'd like to break 1:32 for the half-marathon. Again, a personal record. One is about endurance and heat acclimatization. The other about speed and stamina. I can do both. If you don't dream and strive for excellence, why exist? Life is not for mediocrity.

Between now and Howl at the Moon, I have two ultra-like events. On June 24, there is the local Kennekuk Road Runner's 5-Hour Cats & Dogs club run on the tough Clear Pond trail. How many miles is that? Don't know, but I should easily get in a 20+ mile run. That would be perfect in the late June heat and humidity (and biting flies) of central Illinois.

On July 15, there is the "Last Man Standing" trail run at Lake of the Woods park. 5-mile loop (or 4-mile) every hour. Keep going until you cannot go anymore. Everyone starts a new loop on the hour. Run fast and you can rest before heading out again. Run slow, but not too slow, and you'll pace yourself to a steady 5 mph run-walk. Even in mid-July, with the heat and humidity, that seems doable for many hours. Right? Good preparation for the August Howl at the Moon ultra race.

Over the next few weeks, my goal is to do my runs at 10:00 pace. That would translate to 48 miles over 8 hours at Howl. I should be able to EASILY do 10:00 pace in all training runs if I plan on doing it for one 8-hour run in a race. If I can manage 12:00 pace for 8 hours, I'll hit 40 miles. OK for Howl, but not what I want. 11:00 pace would get me 43.6 miles in 8 hours. Not too shabby, but again, less than I would like. Me like 48 miles. I am finding my ultra groove.

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