Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fluids Before, During, and After my Runs

Now that summer is here and the runs are getting longer (and hotter) I've devised a hydration and fuel plan. My stomach doesn't do well with solid foods when it's hot and humid, so this is a liquid diet. Something pre & post run as well as fluids and calories during the run.

Pre-run drink: Generation UCAN superstarch drink powder. Gets you hydrated and provides slow-burning calories that don't screw-up your ability to burn fat (no insulin spikes). Easy to digest. Drink a 8-10 oz glassful with one large scoop of powder about 30 minutes before running. Steady energy to begin your run.

During run drink: Tailwind Sports drink. I've been using Tailwind ever since my sub-24 hour finish at Umstead 100 miler (in 2013). It helped me train and race successfully. The product provides easily digestible calories plus electrolytes. No artificial colors or flavors. Just basic goodness. In really long and hot races (6+ hours) I'll throw in a salt pill every 2 hours. Just extra insurance. They have flavors with caffeine too--I often rotate caffeinated varieties with regular no-buzz versions. Usually 2 scoops per 20-oz water bottle.

Post-run drink: Vega protein and greens. Vega is a high quality vegan protein powder that supplies the protein and micro-nutrients my body needs for recovery. I normally mix it with almond milk for a few extras calories. I often drink this for breakfast too--mixed in a smoothie.

We'll see how this plan works at the "Last Man Standing" in mid-July and Howl at the Moon 8-Hour run in August.

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