Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Failure (& Success)

I have failed my "month of miles" challenge for July. Planned on 200 miles for the month, but with one day left, I only have 176 miles. I'm not running 24 miles tomorrow! This week was only 34 miles, but they were a good 34 miles. I intentionally cut back and started doing quality over quantity. In fact, I started a new training regime targeting a half-marathon in early October!

Count:6 Activities
Distance:34.03 mi
Max Distance:10.12 mi
Avg Distance:5.67 mi
Median Distance:4.87 mi
Time:5:01:03 h:m:s
Avg Speed:6.8 mph (8:49)
Avg HR:134 bpm
Calories:4,170 C
Elevation Gain:1,333 ft

This past week saw fewer miles, but a faster pace. I did 400m track repeats and a tempo run. Plus, my long run of 10 miles was done on trails at 9:00 pace. Not too shabby. Still, I failed at my overall monthly mileage goal. Sometimes you must fail to succeed. I still had my highest mileage month this year (by far) and one of the highest I've ever had. I'm a low mileage guy. My typical week is 25-30 miles. Breaking 30 miles/week is good for me. And I'm excited to try a new training plan for my next half-marathon. More on that plan soon. I still have one more day of running to finish off the month of July. It'll be an easy 2-5 miles--because that's what my new training plan dictates.

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