Saturday, August 5, 2017

Almost Ran a 5K

This morning I almost ran a local 5K race. Almost. I have decided to skip my regular Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra (next weekend) which freed me up to run a race this weekend. The last 2 weeks have been half-marathon focused training which included some speed work. I think the 5K would have gone well. And it was pretty nice weather for early August in central Illinois. But, I did a bunch of yard work yesterday and was really sore last night and this morning (and still sore this afternoon). Plus, these short races are expensive! Who pays $35 to run a 5K?

Anyway, I stuck to my training plan and did the scheduled 8 mile "long" run instead of the 5K race. I love half-marathon training! A "long run" is 8 miles. Even after warming up, I was rather sore for the whole run. Tomorrow is a recovery day so I may sleep in and do no running...or a very short and easy 2-3 miles. I really can get used to this half-marathon training stuff. Two races on my schedule: October 7 Indy Half-Marathon at Fort Ben and the November 4 Indy Monumental Half-Marathon. Hope to PR in both races.

For now, I just continue my training program (post on that soon), and enjoy Chicago Veggie Fest next weekend (instead of the Howl at the Moon race). Family and fun beats an ultra this year. I may be back to Howl next year. Or I may simply focus on 5K to half-marathon races and veggie fests!

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