Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer "Last Man Standing" Event

Tomorrow I'll participate in one of our local and informal "Last Man Standing" events at Lake of the Woods trails. Kind of like a fat ass event--no fee, no awards, no whining. Bring your own aid. Except there is a restriction on running--everyone starts on the hour every hour and does a 4.1 mile (or 5.05 mile) loop. No going faster or slower. If you are ready to go before the hour, then you wait. If you are not done by the hour, then you are out. Keep repeating the loop every hour until only one person is left standing. We've done this in the fall and spring, but not in the heat of the summer. Should be fun...and great training for the "real" summer ultra--Howl at the Moon 8-hour.

How many miles will we run? How long will we be out there in the heat? Nobody knows! Depends on who shows up and who keeps going. I need a good slow long run. Plan on 25 or 30 miles. But if others are still going, I'm game for more. Much more. 50 miles? Sure. 75 miles. Why not? 100 miles? Sounds good. It's just running.

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