Monday, July 10, 2017

First Week of July

I want July to be my "month of miles." Trying to hit 200 miles for the full month. Pure accumulation of easy miles. It's hot and humid almost every single day, so I want to motivate myself to get out and slog through the miles. Again and again. Last week went well. Highest mileage for the year. And longest single run this year too! Pretty low benchmark on both of those stats, but I did what I could. Now it's time to do even better.

Here are the basic statistics for this past week (July 3-9):

Count:6 Activities
Distance:40.33 mi
Max Distance:15.54 mi
Avg Distance:6.72 mi
Median Distance:5.50 mi
Time:6:51:46 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.9 mph (10:10 pace)
Avg HR:124 bpm
Calories:4,068 C
Elevation Gain:1,609 ft

I'm pleased. Even with one day off, I managed to hit 40 miles. I plan on making this second week (July 10-16) even more awesome. More miles and a longer long run. Probably still one day of rest. My body seems to be reacting OK. My resting HR and HRV (heart rate variability) were off during the middle of the week, but are now back to normal. The informal "Last Man Standing" event is scheduled for this Saturday. Great chance to get in a long run, on trails, with company. I plan on at least 20 miles. Maybe 25 or 30? More? Depends on the company (competition!) and the weather.

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