Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Did I Meet My 2017 Running Goals?

Last year I was wise and set only process-related goals. Four of them. No outcomes. I was aiming for steady progress from one year to the next, not perfection. Not personal bests. Whatever I did in 2016, I wanted to do better in 2017. If I met my progress goals, maybe a personal record would fall. New records were not the focus of 2017--although I did try to run faster and more often. Did I meet those four goals I set last year? Let's see...

1. Run more miles. In 2016, I ran 1,269 miles.
In 2017, I ran 1,376 miles. Goal achieved! 

2. Run more frequently. In 2016, I ran 235 times.
In 2017, I ran 266 times. Goal achieved!

3. Run faster. In 2016, I averaged a 9:41 pace.
In 2017, I averaged 9:23 pace. Goal achieved!

4. Do more long runs (13+ miles). In 2016, I did 11 runs of 13+ miles.
In 2017, I did 9 long runs of 13+ miles. Goal not achieved.

I met three of my four goals for the year. Not bad. I really need to get in more long runs in 2018. I'm very pleased with the other metrics. More days running, more total miles, and a faster average pace. Sweet! I consider 2017 a successful year of running. I wanted a PR in the half-marathon, but that didn't happen. Now I just need to add in more long runs. Maybe that half-marathon PR will come this year? Goals for 2018 will be published soon.

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