Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unstated (but real) Goals for 2018

I posted my running goals for 2018 in this post. They are admirable.

Now I'm posting my real desires for 2018. My dreams. Yes, I still want to achieve those officially stated five goals of 2018, but I _really_ want to accomplish these three goals:

1. Kick ass at Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra this August.
"Kick ass" isn't exactly a specific and measurable goal, but I know what it means. It certainly does _not_ mean a replication of my poor performances the last three years (DNFs at 6 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours). I want the full 8 hours and at least 40 miles. I really want to match my best at Howl: 47.06 miles. I have dreamed of 50 miles forever. Can this 50+ year old set a new PR in an ultra? We'll see.

2. Set a personal best in the half-marathon. 
Currently, my PR is 1:32:35 that I ran at the St Louis Half-Marathon in October 2014. A very good finish time. But I want faster! My best chances are the Illinois HM in April or the Indy Monumental HM in November. If the weather is good, and I train well, I can run a 1:32. Maybe break 1:30? That's the dream!

3. Run a marathon at the Lake of the Woods trails.
Sure, there's no real race on these trails, but I can still run 10 outside loops (10 x 2.6 miles = 26 miles) to complete a trail marathon. And I'd like to do it fairly fast. Certainly under 4:00. Not bad for an unsupported marathon on trails. Maybe friends will join me for an informal marathon. No pressure. Loads of fun.

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