Sunday, May 13, 2018

Run as I Feel (+)

I've been trying to run a fast half-marathon over the last 18 months and it hasn't really worked out. I've run some solid times for my 50+ age group (1:36-1:40), but no PRs. And I've held back on my ultra training to focus on more speed and stamina. Compromises and sacrifices. Now I have a new plan. Run as I feel. No slave to heart rate monitors or training plans. But with a slight twist...I'll add in one McMillan workout each week (mostly steady-state, tempo, tempo intervals, cruise intervals). If I'm feeling frisky, then I might try a second one. Otherwise, just run as I feel. And lately, I've been feeling and running better! Had one of my best 10-mile trail runs yesterday. Recovered well too.

The only race on my horizon is Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra on August 11. Plenty of time to build endurance (90 days), but still have plenty of fun "just running." I've settled into a nice pace and tempo on my last few runs--around 135-145 heart rate. Feels like the top end of easy. No hard breathing, but it's more than an easy morning jaunt. Looking forward to more "good feeling" runs without concern for heart rate or pace. My body knows what it wants.

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