Monday, May 21, 2018

Qualify for Boston?

Should I try to qualify for Boston? I need a 3:30 marathon to qualify, probably more like 3:26 to make the cut-off to actually register. I found a somewhat local race that is a "last chance" to qualify for the 2019 Boston Marathon race. Race date is September 8, 2018. In fact, the race is called "Last Chance BQ.2" and it starts/ends in Batavia, IL (Chicagoland). Only about 2.5 hour drive from home. They even have a kiosk to register for Boston after the race is over and results are final.

Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra is 82 days away. This race would be 4 weeks later. Time to recover and sharpen?

The race begins at 6:30am and runs a flat 3.21 mile loop around a scenic park and river. Aid station even has your unique water bottle with whatever you want in it! Grab, drink, throw to ground and they place it back on your labeled aid table. Cool. Howl at the Moon is a 3.29 mile loop. This race is a 3.21 mile loop. Fate? Normally I'd simply wait for race week and register if ready, but this race usually closes in late May/early June. I need to decide soon. Very soon. So, should I try to qualify for Boston? Coach Jeff? Anyone?

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