Sunday, October 7, 2018

Half at Fort Ben: Personal Worst

Ran the half-marathon at Fort Ben yesterday in Indianapolis. Finish time of 1:53:10 (205/1609 total finishers, 17/94 in age group). My personal worst for a half-marathon. Funny, last year at this same race was my personal worst (1:51:30). This is not my race! Hills with hot and humid weather both years. Sunny too. Not a good combination. I won't be back for round three next year. Too risky with the weather. They start the race at 8:30am. Why not 7am or 7:30am? An earlier start would keep temperatures down and probably be welcomed in terms of traffic control (less cars out at 7am than 9am). Oh well, this race is not for me. Pretty course and well-organized race (nice shirt too), but still not for me.

I ran this race mostly under control based on heart rate (average HR = 161). As I got hotter and tired, my HR stayed high while I slowed down. That's to be expected. I'm not a good hot weather runner. Or warm weather. Or humid. Just give me cool and crisp weather and I'll perform! Maybe in 4 weeks at the Indy Monumental half-marathon.

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