Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Oldies, But Goodies (Run Books)

Lately I've been reading, or re-reading, old running books. Four that have really made an impression are from Joe Henderson and Owen Anderson (two from each author):

Henderson's books are both available from Amazon for $3. They are worth it! We are often concerned too much about fast races, hard running, and beating our goals. Maybe we would enjoy running more, and be "better" runners, if we slowed down. Easy, aerobic running is natural, fun, and healthy for us. It is stress free, disconnects us from our frantic lives, and still builds a fit and strong runner's body (and mind).

Anderson's books and articles are very science-based. On the surface, they seem to go against Henderson's "go easy" philosophy. But, in actuality, they combine well with Henderson's emphasis on easy, enjoyable efforts. Most runs (80%+) should be easy, but when you need to kick it into high gear, Anderson provides the guidance! He draws upon the research to show how VO2max,  lactate threshold, strength training, running economy, cross-training (and more) impact your running fitness. And he provides the research and details of the how and why. Lots of good myth-busting data included. Find out what works and what doesn't for your running.

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