Tuesday, July 7, 2020

No Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultra in 2020

The Kennekuk Road Runners cancelled the annual Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra due to COVID-19 issues. This would have been its 30th year...and my 18th running of this fine ultra. Better safe than sorry, right? I think with a small ultra race (n=300 runners), a race plan could be implemented to keep everyone safe. But, not my call. Howl is my favorite race so I'll miss it. I consider it a reunion of friends from all around the country. Guess a reunion is not that fun if you can't hug, give high fives, and share beer while reminiscing in groups. We'll do it next year. 2021 will be awesome!

But, that still leaves something missing for 2020. What am I supposed to do on August 8? Similar to the "Not Riddle Run" from a few winters ago, this race must go on! No, I'm not directing my own "Not Howl" race, but I will do a solo effort to commemorate this holy race day. Eight hours at Lake of the Woods trails? Many, many repetitions of Purnell Woods 715 meter trail? Clinton Lake loops? Travel to the real Howl course at Lake Mingo? Lots of options. I'm leaning toward doing a trail marathon instead of an 8-hour solo event. Of course, in the Midwest summer heat and humidity, a marathon might take me 8 hours!

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