Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Atreyu Voyager Shoe Review

"It's like a slipper on my foot!"

I was one of the early adopters of the Atreyu running shoe subscription service. They are a brand new running shoe company out of Austin, TX. Got my first pair as soon as they started the program in August. I signed up for one pair every 3 months. Only $55 per pair! Your choice, new shoes every 1, 2, or 3 months. Currently they only have the one base model (different names based on colorways, but it is the standard "Voyager" shoe). So, I've slapped this Atreyu into my running shoe rotation, have about 70 miles on it, and want to share my brief opinions.


  • Super lightweight: US 13 = 7.6 oz, US 9 = 6 oz
  • Flexible: lets your foot flex and pronate normally
  • Wide toebox: no cramped toes
  • Simple & comfortable upper: no extra overlays 
  • Good ground feel: your foot & body run naturally 
  • 6mm drop: perfect for me 
  • Fun: very enjoyable to run in! 


  • Traction: minimal tread pattern is OK on roads, slippery on wet grass
  • Lower cushioning (21.5mm/15.5mm stack height): fine for runs less than 10 miles
  • Durability: probably will not last past 200 miles
I have used the Atreyu on roads, bike paths, packed dirt trails, and smooth grass trails. It works on all of these surfaces, but when grass is wet, feels slippery. Not the shoes fault--it is a road shoe! Absolutely not designed for technical trails. They need to build a trail model.

While the shoe feels great, it does not protect the foot from hard surfaces over the long haul. I cannot use it as a long run shoe. I've been topping out around 8 miles. Ten would likely be my max for this model. Younger folks might do better, but my 54-year-old legs and feet want a bit more cushioning and protection. It is capable of easy paces, but tends to shine with tempo and threshold efforts. Overall, I really like this shoe and look forward to receiving new ones every 3 months (new colors too). If they develop a basic trail model, I'll be first in line to grab one! 

I have also registered for their planned carbon plated racing shoe ("The Artist") which should be out in spring 2021. Only $100! Can't wait for that shoe. 

PS: When you get a new pair, they include a pre-paid envelope/bag to mail back your old ones for recycling. Pretty cool. 

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