Wednesday, March 3, 2021

February 2021 Running Stats: Not Good

Holy cow, February was a tough month! Lots of very cold (many -5 to -20 windchills), with snow and ice. One of my lowest mileage months ever. And no long runs either. Difficult to run long when it's windy and -20F "feels like" temperature. Fortunately, March has already warmed up nicely and should be a great month. March tends to be a wet and muddy trail running month, usually with lots of wind. But no extreme temps. Since I quit my local gym, the lack of a treadmill has hurt my overall miles and speed work. But it has made me a tougher runner too. Good trade? 

Here are my February running statistics, with a comparison to January. 

Total Distance114.79 mi73.40 mi
Average Distance6.38 mi3.67 mi
Max Distance28.17 mi13.22 mi
Total Activity Time19:23 h:m11:43 h:m
Avg Time1:04 h:m35:09 m:s
Total Elev Gain5,531 ft2,595 ft
Average Pace10:08 min/mi9:35 min/mi
Average Heart Rate136 bpm130 bpm
Average Run Cadence162 spm164 spm

The only upside was I had a faster pace with a lower average heart rate. Not bad! Need to work on longer runs and getting in extra elevation. Both good goals for March. 

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