Sunday, April 4, 2021

March 2021 Run Stats: Better

January was a good running month for me, February not so much. March was better. Not perfect, but moving in the correct direction! I anticipate April being the best month of this year. Weather is typically good without extreme heat or cold. Also, the winds start to die down (March is always windy). Here are the three months of 2021 in table form:

Total Distance114.79 mi73.40 mi132.23 mi
Average Distance6.38 mi3.67 mi5.75 mi
Max Distance28.17 mi13.22 mi13.13 mi
Total Activity Time19:23 h:m11:43 h:m21:17 h:m
Avg Time1:04 h:m35:09 m:s55:32 m:s
Total Elev Gain5,531 ft2,595 ft4,915 ft
Average Pace10:08 min/mi9:35 min/mi9:40 min/mi
Average Heart Rate136 bpm130 bpm136 bpm
Average Run Cadence162 spm164 spm161 spm

March saw me doing more runs and more total miles. My elevation gain was OK, but not as high as January. Need to get back to Clinton Lake trail more often. I have started adding a little speed work, so the heart rate is trending higher, and hopefully the pace too! Longest runs were half-marathon distance (same as February). I anticipate April being about the same for the longest run, but I plan on more miles and faster miles. I started a Garmin McMillan training plan in mid-March to provide motivation and different workouts. Unfortunately, I am already tiring of the structure. I do want the speed sessions about twice/week, but I may just do my own plan (using Final Surge to create and upload specific workouts). Overall, happy with March and looking forward to April. 

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