Sunday, May 2, 2021

April 2021 Run Stats: OK, Not Great

Dang! I thought April would be my month. It's the start of spring and usually warmer weather and beautiful trails. More miles. More long runs. More speed. Couple time trials. Nope. Only managed 114 total miles. Not great for a month that had reasonable weather. It wasn't a bad month, just an OK one. Guess it will motivate me to make May better! Here are my statistics for April with comparison to last month:

Total Distance132.23 mi113.52 mi
Average Distance5.75 mi5.41 mi
Max Distance13.13 mi12.57 mi
Total Activity Time21:17 h:m18:07 h:m
Avg Time55:32 m:s51:46 m:s
Total Elev Gain4,915 ft3,809 ft
Average Pace9:40 min/mi9:35 min/mi
Average Heart Rate136 bpm130 bpm
Average Run Cadence161 spm162 spm

Bring on running in May! Guarantee I'll have more than 114 miles. And more longer runs. And more elevation gain than 3,800'. And more than 21 runs. That's a lot of "mores." We shall see. 

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