Friday, August 6, 2021

July Run Stats: Better

So July was not exactly what I wanted, but it was better than June and got me excited for the future. I knocked off a 29 mile trail run at the Last Buffalo Standing event and also started speed work. I was not the last runner standing, but that 29 miles was my longest run of the year (just edging my January Riddle Run of 28 miles). No injuries and no set-backs. A focus on power rather than heart rate or pace served me well in July. I even hit the track a few times. I added strides at the end of many runs. More strides and track repeats are in my future.

Here are my running numbers for July with a comparison to June:

Total Distance105.67 mi130.57 mi
Average Distance4.80 mi5.93 mi
Max Distance13.07 mi28.78 mi
Total Activity Time17:00 h:m22:12 h:m
Avg Time46:23 m:s1:00 h:m
Total Elev Gain3,087 ft4,400 ft
Average Pace9:39 min/mi10:12 min/mi
Average Heart Rate135 bpm133 bpm
Average Run Cadence162 spm160 spm

Same number of runs, but 25 more miles! I'll take it. Disappointed seeing the average pace so slow, but 29 slow trail miles will bring down your average! In August, I'll have the same issue with a hot and humid 8-hour Howl at the Moon ultra. It's all good. Mixing speed with endurance will set me up for a fantastic, and fast, fall racing season. 

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