Wednesday, August 11, 2021

My 18th Howl at the Moon Ultra Coming Up

This Saturday, August 14, will be my 18th Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra. I've accumulated 654.77 race miles at this event. I'm proud of that statistic. Unfortunately, the race has not gone well for me in the last 4 attempts. The previous 4 races were all DNFs (dropped out before the full 8 hours). Sad. I hope this year goes better. Need the full 8 hours and reasonable mileage. 

Last year (2020) the race was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I think the time away from Howl and racing has made me hungry to compete. Mostly against myself, not other runners. I need to finish the full 8 hours this year! Weather looks to be pretty good (expected high of 80 degrees and not too humid). I'm not "well-trained," but I did get in 28+ miles at the Last Buffalo Standing run in mid-July. I'll draw on that performance to push me during Howl. No grand goals this year...simply stick it out for 8 hours. At least 31 miles. An even 10 loops (35 miles) would be good. Anything more would be icing on the cake. "Just don't stop" is my mantra. My best at Howl is 47 miles. That won't happen this time. For this year, 40 miles will be my "A-goal." A total of 35 miles is my back-up goal. And 31 miles (50K) is my minimum goal. Wish me well.

UPDATE: I only did 33 miles in 8 hours. Lots of walking! Not happy. 

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