Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Running Goals for 2022

I was not pleased with how my 2021 running goals turned out. You can see that post here. So, what do I try for in 2022? Make them easier? Harder? Have more goals? Less goals? No goals? 

I'll try to stretch myself in a positive direction with challenging goals, while not making it impossible to achieve them. I'll focus more on process oriented goals rather than performance...but you need at least one outcome performance goal! 

1. Run at least 3 ultramarathons. Riddle Run, Last Man, Tunnel Hill, and maybe ATY?

2. Run at least 1,717 miles. More than 2020 which was my best year.

3. Longest non-run streak of 2 days. Skipping one day is good, 2 days is OK, but don't miss three days!

4. Longest run of at least 33 miles. If I'm an ultra runner, should manage 33 miles in one run!

5. Run 6:00 minute mile, or 12:45 for 2 miles, or 20:50 for 5K, or 43:15 for 10K, or 1:36:26 for half-marathon, or 3:22:56 for full marathon. McMillan says these are equivalent race times.

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