Saturday, December 30, 2023

My Review of all Atreyu Running Shoes

My Well-Used Trail Model
I started running in Atreyu shoes when they first started back in 2020 by subscription only! It's been a while. Back then they only had the Base Model (v1). Now they have a new Base Model (v2), plus Base Trail, Race Model (previously "The Artist"), and the Daily Trainer. No more subscriptions. The company has a slogan of "honor simplicity." I like that. And they truly seem to believe that motto. Their shoes are basic, simple, and no frills. And their prices are reasonable too. All models score high on value for cost. 

I've tried all of their models (always size US 13). Here are my thoughts and ratings (out of 5 stars):

Base Model (v1 and v2, $85): ★★★ 3 star rating. As a 57 year old runner, mostly on trails and mostly long runs (like ultras), I appreciate simple, minimalist shoes, but need more protection. Not motion control, just a little extra midsole foam. Version 2 was better than v1 with the extra stack height, but still not quite enough for me. Plus, the outsole wore quickly. Think this model can work for many runners and everyone should have a simple, minimalist style shoe in their rotation. Like the price, love the light weight, but it's just not for me. And with the fast wearing outsole, it's not a good choice for a daily trainer. 

Base Trail ($115): ★★★★ 4 star rating! I found this model to be slightly tight (more than v1 or v2 base), but the extra cushioning and traction worked well. After a few runs, the upper "broke in" a little and the tightness was acceptable. For trail shoes, you want a bit more control and that tighter lockdown was OK. I've trained in this trail model and raced in it too (up to half-marathon)--it works well! I like the midsole foam, light weight, and reasonable traction. Still wish it was slightly wider in the forefoot, and had slightly longer lugs for better traction, but it's a solid shoe. I'd buy it again. The price is right, the foam is holding up well, and the tread is wearing OK (some early wear on lugs, but OK). This is a 5 star shoe with minor improvements (longer lugs, wider forefoot). As is, still a great value. 

Daily Trainer ($110): No rating. This shoe did not work for me. It was slightly short and very tight in the forefoot. It gave me blisters on both of my little toes. Tried three runs and they all hurt. I did like the extra foam and tread compared to Base Model, but simply could not keep running in them since they were too tight. Fortunately, REI accepted my return (even used) for a full refund. If the shoes fits you, it seems like a true daily trainer. Give it a try. 

Race Model (and The Artist, $120): ★★★★★ 5 star rating! Loved "The Artist" and I love the Race Model. Both are awesome shoes. Think the Race Model is improved over The Artist--like the upper better, fit is similar, and the traction is superior. Looks good too! Who else has a super critical foam shoe with a carbon plate for $120? No one. This will be my racing road shoe for 2024 (my Nike Vapor Fly is getting old). Is it "as good" or "as fast" as the Nike Vapor Fly or Alpha Fly? No. But it also costs a lot less. I could but two Atreyu Racers and still have money left over compared to most carbon plated race shoes.

I strongly encourage any runner to try Atreyu shoes. Good products. Great value. They have excellent customer service. Some models (Daily Trainer and Trail) are also available at REI. I'll keep buying the Trail and Race models. If there is a v2 for the Daily Trainer, I'll try that one again (hopefully with a wider toebox). HONOR SIMPLICITY! 

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