Monday, January 1, 2024

2023 Running Stats Summary

2023 was an okay year for my running. Not great, not bad. Certainly not as good as last year. At least I did finish the Free Ultra Trifecta (Riddle Run + Backyard Ultra + Winter Solstice). It started in December 2022 with the Winter Solstice 30 miler and finished with the July 2023 Backyard Ultra (28.8 miles, 7 loops). In between was the January Riddle Run 28 miler. Nice accomplishment--and the only buffalo runner to do it! Otherwise, not that many highlights to report. I did run a 6:07 mile. Pretty fast for a 57-year old. Guess a fast mile and a couple of ultras is a reasonable year for an aging ultra runner. Next year will be better. Those new goals will be posted soon. And a look back at whether I achieved my 2023 goals will be reported.

Here is a comparison of 2023 vs 2022:

Run Activities295260
Total Distance1,303.22 mi1,253 mi
Average Distance4.42 mi4.8 mi
Max Distance29.21 mi28.8 mi
Total Activity Time226:18 h:m212:12 h:m
Avg Run Time46:02 m:s48:58 m:s
Total Elev Gain60,570 ft37,967 ft
Average Pace10:25 /mi10:08 /mi
Average Heart Rate127 bpm127 bpm
Longest run break7 days7 days
Longest run streak44 days17 days

Less runs, but slightly longer and faster than the previous year. Weird that the average heart rate was exactly the same (127 bpm). Also odd that my longest break from running was the same as 2022 (7 days). Doubt I could repeat those two stats again. Rather disappointed that my elevation gain was so low. Guess I spent too much time on local trails and bike path instead of heading out to Clinton Lake, Allerton, and other hillier trails. Next year will be different!

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