Friday, July 4, 2008


For those that don't know, I'd like to introduce the single best running site on the It's not a running store, but rather a synthesis of running information, commentary, discussion boards, news, photos, & videos. It is updated daily with the latest running news and commentary (their discussion board is lively, entertaining, and brutal). If you are looking for information about competitive running, this should be your first bookmarked site. And if there are major events coming, this is the site to keep an eye on...Olympics, World Championships, major track meets & marathons...they stay up-to-date with results, summaries, and critiques.

I wish ultramarathons got more attention on the site, but they aren't completely ignored either. In addition to LetsRun, here are a few other running web sites I check out fairly often:

And my three running clubs:

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