Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Race Date for Rock Cut Hobo 50K

The third race in the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam has changed its race date from Sept 21 to Sept 28. The Rock Cut Hobo 50 will now be on Sunday, September 28, 2008. The 25K race will be held the day before. Registration is still not open, but you can keep an eye on the race by visiting the Rockford Road Runner web site. I'll post an announcement on this blog too. I have mixed feelings about breaking up the 25K and 50K events. It was nice in the past to bring friends that would run the 25k while I did the full 50K. That won't work now. On the positive side, it should allow for greater parking and fuller support of each race. At times, the Hobo run has been criticized for inadequate aid stations. With less overall runners on each day it could be a great opportunity to provide comprehensive and tailored support. I hope Larry can find volunteers for both days! The course is a nice 15 mile loop across a variety of terrain and the race has the potential to be one of the best in the Midwest.

Note that this race date is now the same as the Kennekuk Wild Wilderness trail run. I was planning on running both races since they each have their own "Grand Slam." My big goal this year was to run both Grand Slams:

TUGS: McNaughton Park, Clinton Lake, Rock Cut Hobo, Farmdale
KRR Slam: Siberian Express, Mountain Goat, Lake Mingo, Wild Wilderness

What do I do now? I "organize" the Trail Ultra Grand Slam (and my dear Clinton Lake race is one of the events). This is probably the only year I could complete the TUGS--I even ran my own race this year! But I've run every KRR event this year...including two ROAD races (Mountain Goat and Memorial Day) I give that slam up? Hmmmm....

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