Thursday, March 26, 2009

Damn the Rain!

I don't like wind. I don't like rain. And I especially don't like thunderstorms. Looks like we may have all three for race day. I kept telling friends that the weather forecast is never accurate more than 2-3 days out from an event..."Let's wait until Thursday before worrying." Well, today is Thursday, and I'm worrying!

Current forecast:
Friday night: Low of 36, breezy, light rain
Saturday: High of 48, windy, rain with chance for thunderstorms

It's still just a scattered chance of storms and rain. I doubt it will rain all day. Be prepared for cooler temperatures, wind, and rain. Much of the course is sheltered from the wind, but without the leaves on the tress, you'll feel the wind pretty hard on certain sections. While I do feel bad for the runners, I feel even worse for my volunteers...they aren't running to stay warm. The wind plays havoc with aid station supplies and food. Tents provide some relief, but they get blown around pretty good too. We do not have any buildings for permanent shelter.

At least we shouldn't need to worry about sunburns (although some of those UV rays still get through the clouds). Trail running, particularly in ultras, is all about the unknown. Keep your spirits up and keep on moving down the trail. We'll be waiting for you at the next aid station.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We are looking forward to a great day. We know that you cannot control the weather and appreciate everything that you do. As you said - trail running is about the unknown. I also would like to send a pre-race THANKS to the volunteers. As a runner in the race, I chose this race because of the awesome course, caring RD, and great volunteers! Hopefully, when I come by (very slow) I can make you laugh!
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Aw, heck Chris, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it were a beautiful day... looks like I might get my feet wet after all! I want to echo the pre-race thanks to you and the volunteers - you guys make the race possible for us! See you Saturday!

Chris Ⓥ said...

I appreciate the kind words. I'll pass on your thanks to the volunteers too. I have both a great course and awesome vols! Most of my vols, if not all, are ultra runners themselves. That really helps them connect with the runners.

Anonymous said...

It's all gonna be okay, Chris. We won't let anyone/thing blow to Kansas! You can count on us!

Thanks for everything you do. RDs are overworked and often underappreciated.

Thanks for all you do.

See you Saturday,

Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, I happen to like having wet feet. In fact, I may go barefoot for a while to enjoy it more. I could do without the wind though. Maybe you can do something about that for us.-Andy

Anonymous said...

Chris, if the weather will be as they say I guess Donna, Jana and I will have trained for it at the LBL!! It'll all work out. Donna say's the weather will suck because Bonnie Mc. will be there?Ha Ha! ( we LOVE the Bonnanator! ) steve barr