Monday, March 23, 2009

Weather for Race Day?

From Clinton Lake-Oct-2007
So what's the weather going to be like for race day? My answer, "I don't know." I've tracked the weather forecast for the last week and it changes every single day! I'm so freaked out by the possible race weather, I have added a second weather gadget to this blog--maybe one will have a nicer forecast.

For now, here is the forecast for the race:
Friday night: Low of 47 with rain
Saturday: High of 58, windy, with chance of rain
Sunrise: 6:46am
Sunset: 7:16pm

Every year seems to be windy, so I believe that part of the forecast. The rain could be hit or miss. Right now the trail is in good shape...mostly dry and fairly smooth. There are lots of leaves on the trail, so be wary of hidden rocks and roots. There aren't many rocks on the course, but there are roots all around. I haven't had too many problems stumbling over roots in training runs. My guess is after 20 miles, you'll start to let your feet and legs drag a bit and you may find a few roots grabbing your feet. This isn't a road race, so I assume if you signed-up, you are comfortable with basic trail running. One warning...if it does rain, the wooden bridges/planks will be slick. I counted 33 bridges on the 10-mile loop--be careful crossing the bridges!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - I haven't had a chance to do a loop out there yet... are there any crossings that don't have bridges? Just curious, I'm really looking forward to Saturday!

Anonymous said...

33 bridges in a loop? I never realized there were so many.

Chris Ⓥ said...

There are no stream crossings without a bridge. In fact, most bridges are just in the low areas that get runoff and not actual streams. It's no coincidence that there are 33 bridges and 33 hills on each loop--the bridges come at the base of a hill (where the low running water flows). As you head down a hill, be prepared for a small wooden bridge at the bottom (which might be slippery). Except for the possibility of rain and mud, you should have dry feet (but there is a good chance of rain and mud). I was on the whole course both Sat & Sun and ended up with dry feet both times.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's new territory for me... I'll just have to try to adjust to dry feet! Thanks!

Jerry Davison said...

I drove through a monsoon tonight coming home from my youngest son's birthday meal at a new German restaurant at Grand Prairie Mall in Peoria. All the way home I was thinking, "I wonder how the trail is with all this rain?" Someone is obsessing about this Saturday!

Chris Ⓥ said...

We had rain yesterday in Champaign and Mahomet, but nothing too heavy. Not even puddles this morning on the streets. Things are wet, but I assume the trails didn't get too much rain. We still have rain forecast for Friday and Saturday. We'll see! Be ready for rain and wind. Temps are OK--maybe high 40s or low 50s?