Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clinton Lake Trail a Mess, But Walkable

Friends hiked the northfork trail at Clinton Lake the past two weekends. This is the trail used for the race in the spring. It's a mess, especially on the longer west side. According to them, the whole thing is walkable, but would be frustrating to run. No real itch weed or briars, but lots of trees and debris on the course and a bit of very high grass in the open meadows. The park is starting to work on the trail and it might be runnable in a couple of weeks. I miss the days when Mike Martin from DNR maintained the trail year-round (he's now retired). I'll post more updates as I get information. Here is Jeff Riddle's trail condition report...

Short side (east): all good except the grass meadow area with the picnic table is over grown with very tall grass.

Long side (west): DNR has started clearing the first ¾ mile going the race course direction from the boat parking side, the rest is overgrown about 60%....okay to hike, tougher to run....hopefully, they will continue the trimming this week...Gregg Rose & Jeff may hike it again this coming weekend and give a report to see if things have changed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on course info. Its nice to go out there and at least have an idea of what you can expect. I got out there this last weekend and ran 2 loops. Its not ideal for running, but its not so bad as long as you are wearing long pants/sleeves. There is one section with a couple trees that blocks the path and certainly some overgrown brush. But the course isn't terrible. I'm running out there again today, hopefully there's even more improvement!