Monday, December 24, 2007

Annual Christmas Eve "Run"

I think this is the 5th Christmas Eve Clinton Lake trail run I've done. Mostly with Jeff in the past. Jeff is out with foot/ankle injury so today it was Tony & Don running while I hiked about 5-6 miles with my injured calf. The trail is in very good condition. All the snow has melted and the ground is frozen hard. Good traction. The leaves are starting to decay so you can see the trail better than just a few weeks ago when it was completely covered with fresh leaves. I'm going to take it easy this week and try to jog the trail next Saturday (Dec 29). We'll have a runner from Chicago area joining us. All others are welcome too--start at 8am from the CANOE access parking lot. That's our regular training run starting point--different than the race start. A series of official race training runs start on January 12. They encompass different local trails. The three at Clinton Lake will also start at the canoe access parking lot.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and a happy new year!

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