Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's a Mingo DNF!

I convinced Gregg to wait until 6am to head out to Lake Mingo this morning for the Kennekuk Fat Ass. We arrived before KRR...actually just 30 second before Marc and Deb. We helped unload their cars, signed-in, and headed for the snow covered trail. We were the first people to hit the trail--it was completely virgin snow (except for a few deer tracks). Some spots on the trail had about 4-5 inches, others maybe 8-10 inches. After one slow 7.1 mile loop we warmed up in the Hideaway House and drank a few beers, ate a few vegetarian brats, grabbed a few chips and we were done. I guess that counts as a DNF. Better than a DNS, right? If Matt can run 4 loops in that snow (after winning Riddle Run last week) he deserves a spot at the starting line at the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run. I wonder if he actually finished all 4 loops.

Gregg and I will run a loop at Clinton Lake Sunday at Noon. Just an easy "stretch the legs" kind of run.

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