Saturday, March 8, 2008

Race Shirts

I've gone with a new vendor for the race shirts this year. The Brooks shirts we had last year were awesome and I wanted to go with them again. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough shirts for our race! How can a national company not have 150 shirts? I even tried to have them split among colors...still not enough sizes to cover our order. Maybe it's a summer shirt and they are low (or out) of stock. Anyway, Body n' Sole (our local running store) tried to get a similar shirt from Asics and Mizuno...again with no luck. They had a couple shirts that were cheaper, but I wanted another half-zip short sleeve shirt (like last year). Finally, Body n' Sole found a company that would actually make a half-zip shirt for us. We got a sample and decided to go with them. The shirt will be a red, short sleeve, coolmax shirt with a half-zip. No logos except the Clinton Lake race logo and date. I like the actual design and color better than last year. The quality of the fabric is about the same, maybe a bit lighter/thinner than last year. One thing I never liked about last year's shirt was the half turtle neck collar---it bugs me. This shirt has a normal collar. So the shirt selection and order is done. I hope everyone likes the new shirts. If not, I'll go with a different vendor in 2009...maybe back to Brooks with an earlier shirt order (this year we tried to order them in mid-February for the late March race).

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