Wednesday, May 21, 2008

7-Day Race Goals

Psychologists always say it's a good idea to make your goals public so you can motivate yourself and be held accountable. Those same sport psychologists say you should have different achievement goals (in case something goes wrong, you still have something to shoot for). Well, here are my various goals for the 7-day Buffalo Trace Stage Race the week of June 15-21:

Kick Ass = 434 miles (100K/day)
Realistic = 350 miles (50 miles/day)
"Ted Corbitt"= 303 (Ted ran 303 miles in 6 days at the age of 82)
Minimum Real Ultra = 217 miles (50K/day)
Absolute Minimum = 189 miles (27 miles/day)

Let the betting begin. Will I make any of these goals? Can you do better? So far I have five "intended participants." The list is on my Google Docs page.


Unknown said...

If I drive from Champaign everyday to Mahomet to run 5 miles, would I be leaving a big carbon foot print :-)

Chris Ⓥ said...

Run to Mahomet. That'll save gas and get you warmed up for the real miles on the trail! And a nice cool down afterwards too.

denalifc said...


Chris Ⓥ said...

Winning on PKs doesn't count (unless Chelsea would have won that way). ManU palyed well, but Chelsea deserved the win...if Terry hadn't slipped, if Drogba hadn't been carded...

denalifc said...

Dogbreath forgot his handbag.

Yeah PKs are a tough way to finish a game I agree but then both teams had same chances in PK. Of course Terry missed - they don't teach English lads PKs in school!! Might explain why we won last WC in 66 (still at least England ahve won it once).

Oh Chris Euro 2008 will be on ABC/ESPN2/ESPN Classic. I'll email you the details