Sunday, March 21, 2010

Questions About the Race

I receive lots of questions about race policies, logistics, and rules.  You can always check the race web page FAQ.  It has some good information.  I realized this didn't answer all runner questions, so I posted more information about race changes and logistics on this blog last year (March 2, 2009 post).  Those 2009 race changes are all still in effect for 2010.  The only new things for this year are extra prizes for barefoot or FiveFinger runners and a different set of finisher medals and champion awards.  Let me know if you still have questions.

NOTE:  Please consider carpooling to the race--we will have fairly cramped parking at the start/finish area.

Less than a week to race day!  Current weather forecast is rainy (1.16 inches) with a high of 50.  Yikes!  The forecast changes every single day so I'm not too worried...yet.  The trail is in very good shape right now.

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