Saturday, March 20, 2010

Succeed! Sportdrink and S! Caps

For those wondering what food and drink will be at the aid stations, let me make it clear...we will have water, Succeed! Ultra Sportsdrink, S!-Caps, and soda at each aid station.  No Gatorade.  No Heed. No other sports drinks.  Succeed! is a race sponsor and has been from the beginning.  Karl King, the owner, is an ultra runner and has supported the ultra running community for many years.  He's also a University of Illinois alum!  Karl is active on ultra lists and provides accurate and comprehensive advice on fluid and electrolyte intake during extreme events.

In addition to Succeed! products, we'll have the normal ultra food at each aid station: chips, pretzels, cookies, PB&J sandwiches, crackers, M&Ms, bananas, etc. The particular grub may vary throughout the day, but there will be a variety of food that should satisfy your needs.  There are always surprises at the canoe aid station...burgers, steaks, beer, egg never know what Gregg and his crew will provide.

I will likely have a couple extra bottles of Succeed S!-Caps to give away as prizes on race day. They are the best electrolyte replacement pills you can find.

RACE IS ONLY 7 DAYS AWAY!  The trail is in very good condition right now (Saturday morning), but rain is forecast today and tomorrow.   The extended weather forecast for race day is mostly cloudy, high of 57, with a passing shower in the afternoon.


RS Perrysburg, OH! said...

I think that the fastest runner from Perrysburg, OH should get a bottle of S! Caps.

Chris Ⓥ said...

How about the slowest runner from Perrysburg?

Anonymous said...

That would be great as well - maybe some lucky runner from Perrysburg will get 2 - for being slowest and fastest at the same time!