Thursday, August 16, 2012

Start of a New Era

Today was the start of a new era in my life...and running. No more director duties at work...just regular old "department head" responsibilities. Today I arrived at work "on time" rather than early. I left work when we closed the office instead of staying until 9pm. I didn't get stressed out. I enjoyed my meetings. Heck, I even got a free lunch at a wonderful Korean restaurant!  And I finished the day with an evening trail run with my old "buffalo" trail running friends...including Spencer the "Fat Kid" who I hadn't run with in over 2 years. What a great day. Is this the "work-life balance" people talk about?  I like it!  Looking forward to many more great 8-hour work days and 1-hour trail runs. Maybe a beer here and there. Extra time with the wife and rodent "children" (degus, gerbils, and hamster). More movies and TV. More sleep. Ahhh...the good life.

PS: Officially, I guess my "new era" started yesterday around 6pm when I left work on my last day as Interim Director...and the US Men's National Soccer team beat Mexico in Mexico City for the first time ever last night! Some good karma floating around last night. Let's keep it going.


ed said...

Great to hear you're so upbeat now -- not even a disabling hangover from missing Howl!

I sang all the way home when my job ended (I'm not a singer). Like they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I'm looking forward to running into you out on the trails again.

David said...

I'm hearing "...back in the saddle again..." playing in the background of your post. Nice to hear!

Chris said...

I missed Howl dearly..and I'll be back in 2013. I am indeed "Back in the Saddle Again!" First ultra back will likely be Farmdale 30 miler in October.