Monday, May 5, 2014

Joe vs Chris: The Bet

I currently have a bet with Jeff about him losing weight and me running consistent miles. I talked about that agreement in this blog post on March 16.  It's more of an agreement, than a bet. No money on the line. With spring finally here, and summer close on its heals, it's time to ramp up the training, racing, and betting!

My new arrangement is with Joe, a newer runner at work (started running last year). We both have race goals and know that a little extra motivation may keep us on track. We need consistent miles, a little speed work, and racing goals. So, a new wager was born...and it begins today!

It's a 24-week bet that begins today and ends on October 19 in St Louis. We'll each run the RNR Half-Marathon that Sunday in St Louis. Joe needs to break 1:50, I need 1:35. Good goals for our respective running abilities. That race has a $30 wager. But there's more to the bet. Over the next 24 weeks, we need to make training progress. Each week another $10 is up for stakes. Here's what we need to do:

First 12-week segment (May 5-July 27):
  • Joe runs a minimum of 20 miles/week
  • Chris runs a minimum of 35 miles/week
  • Each of us runs one tempo run/week (3 consecutive miles at 80-85% HRR)

Can earn one extra "free week" if Joe runs 25 miles or Chris runs 40 miles. Free week means they are out of the bet, but other person still needs to reach their goals.

Second 12-week segment (July 28-October 19):
  • Joe runs a minimum of 25 miles/week
  • Chris runs a minimum of 40 miles/week
  • Each of us runs one tempo run/week (3 consecutive miles at 80-85% HRR)

Can earn one extra "free week" if Joe runs 30 miles or Chris runs 50 miles.

Over the full 24 weeks, we each have 6 "free weeks" that we can utilize as a "drop-back" taper week. For that week, only the person using their "free pass" gets the week off--other person still needs to meet their goals. The thinking was that we could push for 3 weeks, then have a lower week to recover. Repeat throughout the bet. Plus, if we have intermediate races, then it would be nice to have a taper week before or after the race. We'll need to be strategic about when to utilize our free weeks (which must be announced on Monday--no waiting until the end of the week when you are already behind).

If one person completes their goals, and the other doesn't, then the loser gives $10 to the winner. If we both succeed, or both fail, nothing is lost that week. If one person gets injured, they can buy themselves out of the remaining portion of the bet for $20. If not injured, then $50 gets you out of the remaining bet.

This bet has an end goal race, weekly mileage and pace goal, and incorporates the idea of step-back weeks. Not bad, eh? All improvement and no injuries. Racing season is here...time to lay your chips on the line! What are your goals?

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