Thursday, May 8, 2014

Revised Races for 2014

Now that I have 4 months of 2014 behind me, and am training fairly well, it's time to commit to a racing schedule for the rest of the year. I already completed the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run and the Illinois Marathon (roads). What else do I have planned? Lots of trail races...

June 7: Run Under the Stars 10-hour (horse track, Paducah, KY)
June 28: Cats & Dogs 5-Hour Trail (Danville, IL)
August 8: Howl at The Moon 8-Hour (road/trail, Danville, IL)
Sept 14: Evergreen Lake 34 Mile Trail (Hudson, IL)
Oct 11: Farmdale 13 Mile Trail (E. Peoria, IL)
Oct 19: St Louis RNR Half-Marathon (road)
Nov 8: McNotAgain 10 Mile Trail (Pekin, IL)
Nov 15: Tunnel Hill 100 Trail (Vienna, IL)

I probably should have some ultra race in July. Maybe Dances With Dirt Devil's Lake in Wisconsin? Or Trail Dog "Luna-Tics Race" (also in WI).

If Tunnel Hill 100 miler goes well, maybe I take the rest of the year off...or sign up for Across the Years 6-Day race at end of December!

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