Thursday, November 27, 2014

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all runners out there. (I suppose if you don't run, I wish you well too.) Runners often take their health for granted...until it goes off track. When illness or injury keeps you at home, you quickly miss the roads and trails. Things just aren't right with the world when you can't run. As we start this holiday, we should definitely step back and appreciate our running. Fast or slow, short or long, it's still running. It's all good. It's who we are...and we are lucky to be fit enough to engage in such a great sport. Enjoy the day. Go for a run. Eat. Sleep. Embrace your friends and family. I'm personally looking forward to an early morning trail run, then a tasty all-vegetarian (mostly vegan from local food co-op) Thanksgiving meal. Be kind to all living beings (including turkeys).

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