Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Better than Yesterday, Worse than Tomorrow

It's become a part of tradition in my little household that when I return from a run, my wife asks "How'd your run go, Meb?" This is from the Skechers commercial for the GoRun Ride (which I wear). Here's the ad:

I used to answer my wife with "Pretty good, but I won't know until I download my data. Need to see distance, time, pace, heart rate, cadence, elevation, to previous runs...blah, blah, blah."

Now, I have a new response to that "How'd your run go?" question. "Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow." It's from an Asics and Foot Locker commercial about being an army veteran and part of a unit where you do the daily "push." Pretty neat. Nice commercial, nice idea. Here's that ad:

So my response now, my attitude now, my running life now is ruled by those words: "Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow." I love it. Every run is better than the previous one. Maybe not faster, but better. Because I ran today. Tomorrow will be even better. It's optimistic. It keeps you in control. If you have a bad run, it's your fault. Stay positive.

Can't wait to run tomorrow. It'll be even better than today. And today was pretty darn good...even without any run statistics! Just call me Meb. And Meb don't do the dishes or laundry. He runs.

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