Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Revised Illinois Half-Marathon Goals

Now that the race, the Illinois Half-Marathon, is only 3 days away, it's safe to discuss realistic goals. First off, there will be NO new personal bests at this race for me. None. Not even close. Weather looks great, but my training has been way off. Fortunately, no injuries, just a series of bad colds. This race will be a celebration of health and happiness. And a start to my marathon training for the July 31 Jack and Jill's Downhill Marathon.

So, what finish time do I expect?  If I run well, I'm looking at 8:00 pace, so around a 1:45 finish. I think it's a bit of a stretch, but possible. That's a far cry from my 1:32 or better I thought was possible back in December. Oh well, you gotta go with the flow. Do what you can on race day.

Only 95 days to the marathon where I'll attempt a BQ time. My goal for this half-marathon is simply a solid training run at a steady-state tempo pace. If that is 8:00 per mile, fine. 7:50, awesome. 8:10, OK. I want to wake up on Sunday morning feeling ready to tackle marathon training.

PS: No matter how slow I run, I will beat Gregg and the Fat Kid. My two old running buddies are going down!


Coach Rose said...

210 pounds pull calf muscle at mile 11 and only miss by eight minutes . What is your excuse you 160 pound weak link. I am tired of you using excuse to justify your exists. You are an excellent runner. Stop the bullshit and run. You allow me to get close to your time is a disgrace to your ability. Man up and get it done or I going to kick your ass at Howl

Coach Rose said...

Spencer is excuse for running 2:08

Chris Ⓥ said...

I'm all good. Feel great. Ran medium/hard. Ready to roll again tomorrow. 8 minute difference is still 8 minutes. I've never run slower than today at any half. The future is fast.