Monday, May 2, 2016

Leicester City Football Club Wins Title!

Leicester City won the English Premier League title today! Unbeliveable. They were 5,000-1 odds to win at the beginning of the season. Not 100-1 or 1000-1, but 5000-1. Last year at this time they were in last place in the league and almost guaranteed to be relegated to the lower league (basically, they would be kicked out of the premier league). They managed a couple of late wins to _just_ survive in the premier league. Last first one year! Biggest sports upset in the history of sport. Any sport. Congratulations to LCFC.

To put this in perspective, think abut American sports. Would you bet on the 76ers to win the NBA title next year?  How about the Phillies to win the World Series?  Browns to win the Super Bowl? That's the magnitude of this Leicester City turn-around story. Crazy.

The club has been around for 132 years and never won any top-flight league title. Wow. Again, congratulations to the Foxes.

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